Sex, Safe and Fun

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Sex Safe and Fun includes

  • Sex, Safe and Fun booklet: An easy to read booklet for the learner
  • Condom pack: A small pack that has a condom and sachet of lubricant (lube), and a booklet with step-by-step instructions about how to use a condom
  • Support person’s guide: The guide is to help the support person feel confident using the resource. It will help you become familiar with the key messages in the booklet and condom pack. It provides guidance on how to talk about the pictures and what questions to ask the learner.

A support person’s demonstration video is also available online at

Who should use it?

Parents, family members, support workers, advocates, teachers and clinicians who want to talk with a person with an intellectual disability about sexuality may find Sex, Safe and Fun useful. The resource is designed to be used by support people with limited or no experience in providing information about sexuality. Together with the resources suggested at the end of each unit, you will have access to simple and accurate information on the issues of safe sex and responsible and acceptable sexual behaviour.

Sex, Safe and Fun is intended for use with adults with intellectual disability who have complex learning difficulties and low literacy.

To find out more about Sex, Safe and Fun go to

IMPORTANT: Shipping & Quantity restrictions apply to this item

A maximum of 25 copies of Sex Safe and Fun may be ordered per organisation. Each copy includes one Sex, Safe and Fun support person’s guide, booklet and condom pack.

This resource is only available to registered organisations in NSW Australia. We regret that quantity orders outside this area cannot be sent. However, if you live outside NSW and wish to receive a sample for professional evaluation, please contact the Health Promotion team here.

Please allow up to 3 weeks to receive your order.

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