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Registering for a Course

  • Select the course you want to enrol in and read all information on the website including pre-requisites and course fees. Please select “Apply Now”.

Image of course page on website.

  • You will be redirected to the Family Planning Shop relevant product page.

  • Fill in all the required fields marked with an asterisk (*). If you are unclear or have any issues completing the application please contact our education course administrators on 02 8752 4300 (press 1 for Education Services) or email
  • Select your required location and date in the drop-down box and click the “Add to Cart” Button.

  • If any required fields were not completed the form won’t be submitted and it will direct you to the fields which need attention to complete. Once you complete you will have to click “Add to cart” again.

  • The form will be refreshed and redirected to the shopping cart page similar to below. Please verify that the information is correct before proceeding to the next step.

  • Click on “Proceed to Checkout”. This will give you the option to either login to your Shop account (if you already have one) or create a new account (if you don’t).

  •  Follow the steps below to “Log in”
    • Enter the email address you registered with
    • Enter your password and click “Sign In” and you will be taken to the “Review and Payment” page
    • If you have forgotten the password, please select the link “Forgot your Password” and follow the prompts
  • Follow the steps below to “Create a new account”
    • Click on “Create an Account” and follow the simple steps below:

    • Fill in the above information and Click “Create an Account”.  You will be taken to the “Review and Payment” page
  •  On the “Review & Payment” page select your payment method.

Option 1 - PayPal Express Checkout or Credit/Debit Card payment

    • Customers who do not have a PayPal account can still use this option and enter their Credit/Debit card information to complete the payment.

    • Select “Continue to PayPal”

    • It will give you the option of paying by logging in to your PayPal account or by entering your card information.

Option 2 - Offline Payment (Organisational Customers Only)

    • This option can only be used if an organisation is paying for a course on behalf of the participant.
    • The organisation’s Australian Business Number must be entered so the order can be validated.
  •  Once you complete the payment you will be redirected to the shop where your order number will be displayed as shown below.

Logging in to your Family Planning NSW Shop account

  • At any given time if you want to want to go back in to your account, please select “Sign in” as shown below.

  • You will be directed to the below screen. Please enter the email address and password you used to create the account.

  • You will be directed to the home page.
  • If you have any items which you have already added to your cart you should be able to see them just under your name in the shopping cart.

  • Select “Go to Checkout” to complete your purchase.